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R. P. Mills Associates . . . shifting the burden of plan administration from your in-house staff and performing
benefit plan functions in a professional,
cost-effective manner.


Plan Design and Installation
Confer with management on pension issues and plan provisions
Provide statistical analysis of employee group(s)
Conduct meetings with employees for an explanation of the plan
Prepare notices to employees explaining the plan provisions
Prepare compensation deferral agreements
Prepare investment election agreements
Prepare bonus deferral agreements
Provide plan and trust agreements and rules of procedure
Prepare corporate resolutions or minutes
Prepare summary plan descriptions (question and answer booklets)
Prepare and file Internal Revenue Service submission forms for approval (5300 series and all attachments)
Confer with Internal Revenue Service reviewing agents
Prepare notices to interested parties
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Plan Administration Services
Analyze and screen census data
Determine eligible participants
Calculate vested percentages and amounts for each participant account
Allocate contributions and investment results
Track transfers between participant accounts
Apply changes in deferral rates and investment selections
Prepare individual participant certificates covering all accounts
Analyze financial statements and prepare balance sheets
Allocate nonelective contributions
Calculate and allocate forfeitures
Prepare summary showing activity in all accounts
Determine highly compensated and key employees
Calculate top heavy studies
Calculate coverage tests under IRC section 410(b)
Calculate participation tests under IRC section 401(a)(26)
Calculate nondiscrimination tests under IRC section 401(a)(4)
Calculate actual contribution percentage tests under section IRC
Calculate actual deferral percentage tests under IRC section
Determine distributions due payment
Prepare benefit election forms (including normal payout, retirement, death, and disability option statements), spousal consent forms, federal tax withholding election forms, and special tax notices regarding plan payments
Prepare distribution and tax analysis statements per participant elections
Calculate and handle excess deferrals and excess aggregate contributions
Assist in the compliance of the federal income tax withholding system
Prepare form 1099-R for distribution to the IRS and participants
Prepare form 1096 (IRS transmittal form for 1099-R forms)
Prepare form 945 (annual return of withheld federal income tax)
Calculate employer’s deductions and participant limitations
Prepare and file annual return reporting forms (5500 series plus schedules)
Prepare summary annual report
Prepare beneficiary designation forms
Prepare loan agreements and amortization schedules
Track loan payments
Meet with trustees and hand-deliver reports
Conduct employee meetings at employer’s request
Field questions from trustees, participants, accountants, attorneys, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, and others
Provide amendments to the trust agreements
Handle qualified domestic relation orders in conjunction with court orders
Handle Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor audits
Handle Plan terminations and dissolutions

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