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R. P. Mills Associates . . . a leading retirement and employee benefit plan administration firm.
 Founded 1961 

Whether you  have  one  employee, a  dozen employees, or hundreds of employees,
R. P. Mills Associates, is ready and able to serve your pension and benefit plan needs. Our team of employee benefit professionals ensures the highest standard of excellence in the industry. With our firm, you have complete freedom of choice because we design customized documents and reports that match your company’s individual needs.

R. P. Mills Associates acts as confidential consultants in the design, installation, and servicing of pension, profit sharing, and deferred compensation plans. The establishment and continued compliance of these plans is a complex and technical undertaking that requires the skill and assistance of specialists.

Working with you, our consultants will prepare a comprehensive proposal with your company’s best interest in mind. We prepare all the documents required for approval and qualification of your plan by the Internal Revenue Service. When the documents are approved by the IRS, we “install” the plan and communicate its provisions to the employees through on-site employee meetings, as requested, and through clearly written Summary Plan Descriptions. As a full-service pension consulting firm, we maintain and update the plan by performing the testing, calculations, and filings required by the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor, to provide continuing plan compliance.

When it comes to  investment options,  the trustee/employer has complete control over where and how funds are invested. You are free to use any investment manager and any type of investment vehicle permitted by pension law. Plan funds can be invested in managed pooled funds or in individually directed accounts, as the trustee/employer deems appropriate. R. P. Mills Associates reviews each and every investment transaction for valuation purposes. The plan’s trustees manage the investment funds through the chosen investment advisor. As an independent consultant, we do not act as trustees, fiduciaries, or investment managers, and we guarantee complete impartiality. Having  objective  recommendations  allows  you to arrive at a  decision  that  best  fulfills  your  company’s  needs and those of your employees.

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Barry J. Andruscavage, QPA – Chief Executive Officer

Barry has been with R. P. Mills Associates since 1983, serving as a consultant in the day-to-day administration of plans and as Vice-President of Research and Product Development before becoming Chief Executive Officer in 1998. He combines a wide base of technical knowledge with practical experience in plan administration and consulting for all types of qualified plans, from installation of new plans through plan terminations. Barry is a graduate of Kutztown University. He is a member of the National Institute of Pension Administrators (NIPA) and holds a designation of Qualified Pension Administrator with the American Society of Pension Actuaries (ASPA).

Jan A. Burke – President

A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, Jan joined the staff of R. P. Mills Associates in 1980, serving as a plan consultant and account executive before becoming President in 1998. He possesses an overall perspective of the industry and of the plan administration process. His years of experience provide him with expertise in implementation of new plans and the transition of takeover plans. Jan's practical knowledge base enables him to assess clients' needs and helps them to select from a variety of plan options. As an account executive, he maintains a direct involvement with accountants, clients, attorneys, and financial advisors.

The professionals at R. P. Mills Associates have been providing benefit plan services for more than 40 years from our offices in Allentown, Pennsylvania. As a modern company with old-fashioned values, we have hundreds of satisfied clients. Join the many clients who rely on us for accurate and timely processing of their employee benefit plans by contacting us today.
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